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The Beauty of Tradition

It’s December 1, and Christmas in Newport comes alive at tonight’s tree lighting in Washington Square. This is a time of tradition, and for many Newport retailers and artisnas, tradition takes center stage this season.

Since 1972, Newport silversmith Jim Breakell has been creating one of a kind jewelry pieces. His Spring Street shop, J.H. Breakell, is the kind that offers personal service and recognizes a familiar face.

The shop has annually fashioned a holiday snowflake design in the form of a necklaces, pins and dangling earrings. The 2009 Snowflake represents the 16th unique snowflake design. Inspired by the Poinsettia, synonymous with the holiday season for centuries (December 12th is National Poinsettia Day!) the plant was introduced to the U.S in 1828 by Joel Roberts Poinsett, a botanist, statesman and the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico; hence the name.

“We make a limited number of snowflakes each year, then literally break the mold. We sell them until our inventory gets too low, then, just like real snowflakes, we melt the rest,” says Breakell.

J.H. Breakell is located at 132 Spring Street in Newport. Learn more by visiting

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