Fall Fashion Series: Jackie’s Loft, Bristol

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Fall Fashion Series: Feminine Fancies

As the owner of Feminine Fancies, Barrington’s leading fashion boutique for women for more than 30 years, Elaine Felag has seen it all, but as the saying goes, fashions come and go, but style is forever. “Longer length is making a comeback in dresses, which looks so chic, sophisticated and glamorous1474470217_5d7d,” says Elaine. Look for interesting fabrics, like crushed velvet, which she is seeing on pieces in black, brown and varying shades of berry with beautiful embellishments. Sweaters, which she says are one of her most in-demand pieces this season, are showing up in warm colors and many with sequins for added bling. (Sequin is also finding its way to jackets this fall, she adds.) Grab-and-go pieces, she says, like tunics and wraps, are decidedly contemporary with fur and fringe edging. “They even look great with jeans!” Speaking of jeans, boot cut denim this season seems all the rage. “[It’s] very ‘70s, as disco makes a comeback,” she notes. Many are embellished; some are distressed. An alternative to jeans, leggings are nothing new but Feminine Fancies stocks the comfortable pant, and similar ponte pants, in new, fresh styles. In the boardroom, Elaine sees inspired blouses in beautiful colors leading the way, most notably in teals, purples and burgundy hues. “Looks great with pencil skirts for an updated work setting,” she notes.

When it comes to outerwear, Elaine says military style coats, including bomber jackets, remain strong, while printed patterns, like oversized plaids, are hot. “My personal favorite is the new plaid in winter white, greens and gray, and the oversized coat – very chic!” But a new season doesn’t mean an entire new wardrobe. “I feel like you can have on the oldest outfit but top it off with a fabulous coat and you’ll catch everyone’s eye!” she declares. Footwear is also a throwback with the return of the chunky heel as seen in shoes and boots, but this time around in leopard print, suede and embroidered velvets. And when it comes to bags, you’ll see plenty of cross-body and box shapes in leathers, suede and animal prints with mixed metal. “Have fun this fall,” she insists. “Live a little and dress well!”

Feminine Fancies
290 County Road, Barrington.

For more on local shopping, dining and arts and culture, pick up a cop of The Bay Magazine at area retails and CLICK HERE for online reading.

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Fall Fashion: Local Boutique Owners Talk Seasonal Looks


The October issue of The Bay Magazine, on newsstands now, features my cover story on fall fashion. I was delighted to highlight some fantastic local shop owners on what they see rising as the hottest fall trends. I’ll be sharing these in the coming days. For the complete story, pick up The Bay this month or CLICK HERE.

First up is one of Newport’s (and beyond) most loved boutiques: The Pink PineappleBy Andrea E. McHugh | Photo above by Force 4 Photography

Pink Pineapple, with locations in Wakefield and Newport, has a cult-like following. Their Instagram account alone (@pinkpineappleshop) has nearly 27,000 followers, if that’s any indication. With a well-considered collection of cashmere, casual tops and bottoms, cocktail dresses and accessories, one might feel like you’re walking into your dream closet at the stores.

While a stalwart for preppy and nautical looks in the summer, The Pink Pineapple hits its stride this time of year. “We are obsessed with spice_1024x1024the fall color combos; they’re beautiful,” gushes Kristin May, manager and buyer for The Pink Pineapple. Kristin points to emerald green and cranberry tones as some of the strongest. The shop has already seen their stock of off-the-shoulder tops fly off the shelves, perhaps because the look perfectly complements the transitional temperatures throughout New
England this time of year. And there’s another reason: “They are really flattering on pretty much every body type,” she adds. Another well-received top there is one with a halter neckline and ultra-feminine scallop hemmed sides. As it gets cooler, Kristin says the nearly knee-length chunky sweaters return, this time with embedded paisley patterns and in subtle color combinations like camel and charcoal.

When dressing up, Kristin says one trend will absolutely be hot: long sleeves. “And 51281a3b1dc3a1a16c2181f65aa8e198_1024x1024.jpgbell sleeves are going to be huge!” When it comes to accessories, Kristin has already seen high demand for one of the season’s most talked about trends: chokers. “We predicted it was going to happen so we stocked up this summer and people are going so crazy; it’s unbelievable. That is going to be the ‘it’ necklace.” The trend was also hot in the ‘90s but the updated version is softer with a single strand around the neck and a longer piece that hangs to the décolletage to create a layered look.

Classic felt floppy hats polish off any look, and when looking for a simple but sophisticated go-to, Pink Pineapple’s signature cashmere is a girl’s best friend. “It’s a great basic,” say Kristin. “People come back again and again for it.” Paired with skinny jeans or leggings and cute booties? Congratulations; you’re the best-dressed mom at school drop off.

Pink Pineapple
380 Thames Street, Newport.

Embedded photos: Pink Pinapple

For more on local shopping, dining and arts and culture, pick up a cop of The Bay Magazine at area retails and CLICK HERE for online reading.

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Wine-d Up Wednesday: FitVine Wines with Newport Ties

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” 
― Ernest Hemingway

Look, Hemingway has long been considered one of the most celebrated authors of the 20th century, but the quote above may just prove it. Wine is a universal language; it’s a way to experience the flavors of a new country; a new culture. It’s an invitation to spend time with friends; to talk without hurry, to—much like the way wine is made, to take your time.


When I saw the newly launched FitVine Wine had Newport ties, I took notice. As the apropos name implies, the wine appeals to those dedicated to a fit lifestyle (this doesn’t mean you need six-pack-abs to enjoy…). Specifically, this clean is not bogged down with additives or residual sugar. It has 1/3 calories and carbs of comparable wines and 1/3 of the sulfites. How? According to founders Mark Warren, Tom Beaton and Zach Schultz, FitVine grapes are grown at high altitude in the Sierra Foothills of California (the wine is made in nearby Lodi, Calif.) and therefore, naturally yield higher concentrations of beneficial untitledcompounds including resveratrol, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins. An extended fermentation process enhances the antioxidants and optimizes the pH levels. It’s the later result that makes it unnecessary to add sugars, additives and/or unnecessary amounts of sulfites. Thus, a cleaner wine is born.  

With their active lifestyles, Mark, Tom and Zach were inspired to find a savory alternative to other celebratory cocktails. “I was getting older and continuing to workout doing the usual stuff: running, CrossFit, yoga etc., and I often noticed after a race or a competition, people would drink Bud Light or other mass produced products that I knew weren’t all that great—at least not for me,” says Tom. “My thinking was I just put in all this work into this competition, I want to have a drink, but I want it to be as clean as possible. So, I approached my friends Mark and Zach with my idea of creating a great wine that is approachable and drinkable while also being as clean as possible. Zach had been in the spirits business and had a background in chemistry, and Mark is the hardest worker I know, so I knew we might be able to get this going.”

The result? “While we are still a tiny little company, we are having a lot of fun and thankfully people seem to love FitVine,” says Tom.

Sharing a similar ethos, I was excited to try FitVine’s three varietals and their cleaner, fitvinehealthier qualities—with local Newport ties, no less.

THE VERDICT As a writer for the New England Wine Gazette and Edible Rhody (among other regional and national pubs), I truly enjoyed the trio of FitVine wines I savored. For me, a favorite wine depends much on other contributing factors: season, environment, setting, time of day, weather, company, etc. First up was the Sauvignon Blanc, which I very much enjoyed. Light and dry with hint of citrus—but stopping short of sweet, it’s a savory wine that I’ll long associate with a perfect late summer day. I would absolutely buy this wine in the store.

I enjoyed the Chardonnay (it’s considered the world’s most popular white wine) at a get-together before traveling abroad. As I prefer drier whites, this wine is palate pleasing with it’s crisp finish. The slight citrus hints are well balanced with a trace of vanilla, and while I typically appreciate the oak notes garnered during 14317445_1846422018909909_4541282911346638066_nthe finishing process, FitVine’s Chardonnay is finished in stainless steel which perhaps let the citrus notes, like pear, shine brighter.

I saved the Cabernet Sauvignon for last. The producer says this classic Cabernet possesses a “nose of currant, lavender, black licorice and a hint of new oak” with a flavorful blend of cedar, boysenberry, coffee and chocolate. Whatever the ingredients, FitVine’s Cabernet Sauvignon has earned a prominent spot in my autumn and winter wine line up.

I’ve had the good fortune of covering a number of extraordinary wine events over the past 15 years, many with top wine producers. I’ll never forget what one of the most lauded winemakers once told me: “Do you know what the best wine in the world is?” he asked me. “Lafite?” I guessed. “Wrong. It’s the one you enjoy the most.”


FitVine is currently available at select restaurants throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Florida. CLICK HERE for locations.

CLICK HERE to shop direct.


I received complimentary FitVine samples for purposes of this review. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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One-on-One with Sara Campbell, Pt. II (with fall collection preview!)


 Interview cont’d from  ( Pt.I post below)

Tell us what you love about Newport…

I love everything there is about Newport…from the excitement of driving in via the beach route to Cliff Walk…the smell of the ocean in the air and the ever-so-much-fun dining. I cannot forget the sailing…  Boating is a huge sport in my family, so we spend lots of time both on and off the water. We often drive in to Newport from Marion (Mass.) just for family time…a summer dinner in Newport is the best.  But what I especially love are the people in Newport.  They are truly devoted to their community and supporting causes dear to them.  

Sara Campbell has a loyal following here in Newport, and for obvious reasons: a wonderfully engaged staff, beautiful and flattering made-in-the-USA piece, but what do you think makes that relationship so special? 

Our customers are family…they are loyal, and stay in touch when the season closes. I love meeting people from all over the country, but I also love getting to know the locals who take care of this little jewel.

And your take on Newport in the quieter months?

It’s a very special place even in the dead of winter because the sea is still roaring, and the waves are still lapping.  

New arrivals at Sara Campbell:





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One-on-One with Sara Campbell, Pt. 1


I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sara Campbell, the Boston-based women’s fashion designer whose eponymous brand and boutiques can be found here in Newport as well as throughout Massachusetts, in Florida, Virginia (Richmond and my ‘ol stomping grounds, Old Town, Alexandria), Michigan and Illinois.  Designing seasonal collections that are made right here in the USA (See? It can be done and done exceptionally well), Campbell is images5a visionary. From her earliest years, launching a small textile/apparel business in 1983 after graduating from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass. and Massachusetts College of Art, to christening nearly 20 boutiques as of this year, admirers of Campbell’s classic meets contemporary designs easily become longtime loyalists. How does it all happen? Here’s and inside look:

Newport Stylephile (NS): Who is the “Sara Campbell woman?” I very much have the Sara Campbell woman in mind when designing, as I have a responsibility to her. She is a classic, (yet not conservative!) woman who has a spirit for life. She is active both politically and socially. She cares about her community, therefore has reasons to dress. She cares about her health and well being, and makes time to do so. She loves a good party and she has a sense38a978_5e912d714d9648d799c4ac9d1e3fe5ff of humor! Most importantly, she loves a feminine detail, without being too sweet or cute. She is not afraid to take a chance on moving her style up a notch, but [she has] the ability to make a statement in her own voice. My pieces need to be easy to wear and should evoke simplicity. Every piece is an inspiration from the past, taking the wisdom from yesterday and applying it today’s needs. Dressing this lady is a privilege and an honor. It’s my job to empower her to feel pretty, strong and determined; that she can do anything she sets out to do. I would like to say she very much reminds me of my mother: tenacious!

NS: How would you describe Newport style and how does Sara Campbell complement that look? I was born and raised in La Jolla, California, overlooking the ocean. The beach was our playground, so Newport style is a natural for me. I live in Boston so that I can be close to the water; I need to be near the water. After all, I am a Cancer! Newport style is all about easy living and being by and on the sea. It’s clean, nautical, sassy, classic. There is so much history in Newport from the days of Jackie Kennedy to the traditions of so many events like the Newport Flower Show. It’s natural…but it is also extremely sophisticated.  

PT. II Coming soon…til then, enjoy the summer sale at Sara Campbell Newport, which is offering 40% off the lowest ticketed price. My summer favorite? 


And then there’s:





For a Fall 2016 preview (which has already arrive in the Newport Sara Campbell at 115 Bellevue Avenue), CLICK HERE!


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J. McLaughlin Welcomes Margaux


I admit; I didn’t know too much about J. McLaughlin when it opened its doors here on Newport’s tony Bellevue Avenue in 2010 (read the original JMcL post HERE!). Brothers Kevin and Jay McLaughlin christened their first shop in 1977—a time
when Ted Turner’s 12-meter Courageous swept the Newport_RI_illustrationAmerica’s Cup defender trials off Newport’s shores and Jaws had folks worldwide second guessing a salt-water dip.

 Today, there are more than 100 stores nationwide (plus a thriving e-commerce business). J. McLaughlin celebrates their continued success as über-classic American clothiers and one of the country’s last great first-name-basis retailers. Now is the best time to snatch up extraordinary classics that will last for years to come with styles up to 70% off including dresses, tops, skirts, capris, pants, outerwear, sweaters, cardigans and accessories like scarves, belts, bags – plus knits, polos, shirts, ties, shorts and pants for men. Check out J. McLaughlin’s fabulously names “Newport capri” which I recently featured on The Rhode Show (click here to watch).j mclaughlin MIRANDA LINEN SHIRTDRESS IN DIAMOND PALM

THIS Saturday, J. McLaughlin welcomes shoe company Margaux and their made-to-measure ballerina flats from 10am to 6pm. If you haven’t heard, Margaux was launched just a year ago by two graduating seniors when they heard Sheryl Sandberg deliver their Harvard commencement speech. The classic kicks are made from Italian leather in standard sizes or completely bespoke.

J.McLaughlin is located at 180 Bellevue Avenue in Newport. 



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