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Let’s Hit the Bar

Bar_nautical coordinates

How great are these “Lat & Lo” necklaces, named for Newport’s latitude & longitude coordinates? They were spotted at Island Outfitters and are proudly handcrafted in the US. Available in 14k gold filled, solid gold or solid sterling silver metals, each Lat & Lo piece is custom ordered (so they take a little time). Starting at $48.

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#PoweredByHeels: Rockport’s Total Motion Collection Rocks


Chilly mornings, fall festivals, warm sweaters: it’s officially time to trade in those light summer kicks for fabulous winter shoes and boots. Like a lot of working women, it’s not uncommon for me to be in heels from 7am to 7pm; even longer if there’s an apres work event, organizational rockport_Total_motion_2meeting or impromptu gathering with the girls. For an event at the State House last week, I literally drove to Providence in one pair of heels, did the switch in the car for a more formal pair, and after an hour in those, knew they’d be headed for the consignment pile as soon as I got home.  (And don’t get me started on my days in DC when it was commonplace to rock the power suit with sneakers on the metro and change at the office–I could never succumb to that fashion disaster.)

So when I was invited to try out a pair of new Rockport Total Motion heels, I jumped at the chance. Newport may have one of the most unforgiving streetscapes for heels. In the course of a short lunch walk, I can easily traipse over asphalt, brick, stone pavers, wooden dock, and of course, cobblestone. Designed with technology (which I’ve featured before here), the highly shock-absorbent cushioning protects the heel at impact. In these shimmery, 3″ tall Total Motion Pointy Toe heels (above and left), your step is comfortably supported by a heavenly layer of retention foam and foam-backed lining. The result: easy, comfortable, day into night heels. While I’m not about to drop down to do a set of mountain-climbers in them like this gal, I could if I wanted to:

Rockport’s Total Motion collection includes boots, heels, booties, ballet flats, wedges, driving mocs and more.  Rockport wants to know what keeps you energized and on the move, so they’ve launch a fun #PoweredbyHeels campaign. Follow Rockport and share your photo with tags #PoweredByHeels #Sweeps or upload a photo to their gallery for your chance to win a pair of Total Motion Shoes each Friday, or the Grand Prize of a spa vacation in Miami!  Click the word shoe below for details!

shoe-copyDisclosure: Rockport provided me with a sample of Total Motion Pointy Toe Pumps for purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are independent and my own.

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Getting Fresh: Farmaesthetics Reveals Expanded Space and New Products


Sometimes it can be easy to take something in your own background for granted. The Farmaesthetics flagship shop sits beautifully on Bellevue Avenue where both loyal customers and curious potential new ones can sample new products, lotions, oils, creams and more, but Farmaesthetics_2spas around the world also carry this fabulous line. Always charming with it’s crisp white decor, cobalt blue bottles and eye-catching window displays, Brenda Brock and her awesome team have cleared and finished an expansive space behind the retail space and treatment room, and just beyond, styled a zen-like outdoor patio.

New products from the line include:

Remedy Waters: Also known as hydrolates, flower waters, or herb distillates, but whatever the name we give them, they are beautifully delicate, softly fragrant waters- the last offeringof the plant after steam distillation. They are made from pure, single note, organic hydrosols and applied by misting the skin. Spritz on face, neck, arms, and body or add to bath water to impart the properties of the herb or flower from which the water is derived.

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil: Full of skin-boosting nutrients, luxurious compounds and powerful antioxidants that build tone and texture. Ingredients include evening primrose oil*, sweet cherry seed oil, carrot seed oil*, borage seed oil*, arnica* & calendula* infused in sunflower oil*, natural vitamin e, orange blossom essential oil* (*certified Farmaesthetics_4organic ingredient). For use on oily and dry skin alike. I’m the latter, and I’m loving this oil!

Pre-Wash Treatment Oil for hair, root & scalp: I’ve been using this new product and it soothes and hydrates the  scalp. Massaging oil into your scalp stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, improving circulation to the scalp, allowing more nutrients to reach the follicles. This stimulates new growth and healthier hair overall. Made from nettle-infused sunflower oil*, avocado oil* lavender essential oil* & clove* essential oils with soy oil* and vitamin e (*certified organic ingredient).



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Style Spotlight: Julie Vos Jewelry


There’s a reason Julie Vos  jewelry has appeared in the pages of Marie Claire, Lucky, InStyle, Martha Stewart, Lonny Magazine and and also has been featured on the covers of Oprah Magazine and Real Simple–it’s because her pieces are equally inventive and eye-catching. With an elegant meets everyday approach, Vos’s collections, which include bangles, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and scarves (ranging from $20 to $395) and in many cases, able to be layered for a  head-turning look.

I’ve recently been incorporating a trio of Julie Vos pieces into my wardrobe as everyday accessories: a charm bracelet, oversized hoops and a long necklace. Want an example of versatility? I wore the same necklace to meet a visiting prime minister as I did for a casual night out in a fitted t-shirt and skinny jeans!

One of my favorites? These Crescent Hoops as seen in the October 2014 issue of Real Simple:


The 24K gold plate hoops are surprisingly light (i.e. they don’t pull down your lobes) and have a textured, hammered finish giving it an artisan handmade feel. Though light, they’re more substantial than your basic ultra-skinny everyday hoop and has a touch more dimension.

Staying on trend, the Coin & Gem Charm Bracelet (pictured at top at Newport Polo), a statement piece, features coins cast in burnished gold interspersed with perfect rectangular panes of stained glass, transmitting light through it’s prism-like soft blue tone facets.

Finally,  the gold plate Lorraine Necklace ($225), with  textured gold links interspersed with double-faced faceted gemstone beads, can be worn at full length (39″) or doubled up for a layered look.


The pieces are fun, top quality and truly unique (and some of my new favorites). Julie Vos jewelry is available online at but Newport Stylephile readers can get 20% off any purchase at by using the discount code stylephile. Happy shopping!

Disclosure: Julie Vos supplied me with three sample pieces for purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are independent and my own.All photos copyright and can be used solely with permission.

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I Spent an Evening with Tim Gunn


…along with about 900 other admirers of the Project Runway mentor, NYT Best Seller author, Emmy Award winner and longtime Parsons educator and administrator. Gunn spoke at the University of Rhode Island last night to an enthusiastic gathering of fashion fans who I suspect had high expectations that were exceeded beyond measure.

Gunn took the stage and immediately told the audience this isn’t something he does regularly (in other words, he’s not cashing in on the lecture circuit) and that he would be chatting for a bit about his experiences, golden rules and observations followed by a lengthy Q&A session. Some takeaways:

Tim Gunn Golden Rule #1: Take the high road. This he says is passed down from his mother. Gunn concedes he has never sent a scathing email or left a raging email that he didn’t regret later. Take the high road and in the end, he says, it will serve you well. Unless the high road is so high it gives you a nosebleed, then get off he adds.
Tim Gunn Golden Rule #2: The universe owes you nothing. You are responsible for your own success and fate. Just showing up is not enough. Gunn says he’s been in the fashion industry for more than a decade and is endlessly surprised by the sense of entitlement shown by designers, media and more.

Other notes:

DVF is one of his BFFs, and she likes to drink. Gunnshared a handful of adventures he and legendary designer Diane von Furstenberg have experienced together. It totally makes sense as it’s obvious the two are hard-workers dedicated to the education and mentoring students. It also makes sense that the two of them have snuck off to NY’s Tic Tock Diner (one of my favs–if it’s late night you must get the disco fries! )

Most fashion designers hate each other.

heidi-klum-tim-gunn-ice-bucket-challenge-project-runway-nyfw__oPtAnna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley solidify his assessment that the world of Vogue is some insane, alternate universe, which he described as “fashion’s mental hospital.” So that he was perfectly clear, he called Anna Wintour “a venomous snake of a woman.”

Tim Gunn will not judge you by what you wear, but what you wear does send a message to the world on how you want to be perceived, which is why most of the time you’ll find him in a well-tailored suit. Wear what you want, he says, but know you have to take responsibility for it.”I have a very Socratic approach to fashion; I have a Socratic approach to most things,” he explained. 

He does not believe in fashion interventions. Instead, Gunn says men and women need to dress for the body we are. He says most Americans, in general, are wearing clothing that is too big for them. The key to getting fashion right, he declared, is: silhouette, proportion and balance. Focus on all three in your daily dressing and “you will own the world!” he declared.

When asked who his favorite Project Runway competitor has been, and quickly reminded before answering of Rhode Island’s own Jonathan Joseph Peters, he said warmly, ” I have a particular soft spot  for Jonathan Peters.”

Take risks.

And finally, though it was palpable Gunn doesn’t have a pretentious bone in his body, he shared: “There’s not a single day I don’t pinch myself !”


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