Getting Fresh: Farmaesthetics Reveals Expanded Space and New Products

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Sometimes it can be easy to take something in your own background for granted. The Farmaesthetics flagship shop sits beautifully on Bellevue Avenue where both loyal customers and curious potential new ones can sample new products, lotions, oils, creams and more, but Farmaesthetics_2spas around the world also carry this fabulous line. Always charming with it’s crisp white decor, cobalt blue bottles and eye-catching window displays, Brenda Brock and her awesome team have cleared and finished an expansive space behind the retail space and treatment room, and just beyond, styled a zen-like outdoor patio.

New products from the line include:

Remedy Waters: Also known as hydrolates, flower waters, or herb distillates, but whatever the name we give them, they are beautifully delicate, softly fragrant waters- the last offeringof the plant after steam distillation. They are made from pure, single note, organic hydrosols and applied by misting the skin. Spritz on face, neck, arms, and body or add to bath water to impart the properties of the herb or flower from which the water is derived.

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil: Full of skin-boosting nutrients, luxurious compounds and powerful antioxidants that build tone and texture. Ingredients include evening primrose oil*, sweet cherry seed oil, carrot seed oil*, borage seed oil*, arnica* & calendula* infused in sunflower oil*, natural vitamin e, orange blossom essential oil* (*certified Farmaesthetics_4organic ingredient). For use on oily and dry skin alike. I’m the latter, and I’m loving this oil!

Pre-Wash Treatment Oil for hair, root & scalp: I’ve been using this new product and it soothes and hydrates the  scalp. Massaging oil into your scalp stimulates blood flow to hair follicles, improving circulation to the scalp, allowing more nutrients to reach the follicles. This stimulates new growth and healthier hair overall. Made from nettle-infused sunflower oil*, avocado oil* lavender essential oil* & clove* essential oils with soy oil* and vitamin e (*certified organic ingredient).



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