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Stick It

blue lagoon body jewelry

Since last summer, metallic body art has been in demand, probably because these gilded temporary tattoos are inexpensive, eye-catching and decidedly non-committal. Though shimmery in the summer sun, this time of year the delicate gold and silver body stencils in the form of rings, bracelets and necklaces are a whimsical if unexpected accessory pick me up. Seen on celebs including Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio and Vanessa Hudgens, the look can be tailored complement a red carpet ensemble or casual night out.

Metallic jewelry tattoos, also known as “flash tattoos,” are available locally at ReNew Salon on Thames Street. A full packet is $44 which includes two full sheets of a variety of tattoos ($22  sheet) or $4 per tattoo and they last around two weeks before fading. Apply yourself with just a dab of water or the gals at ReNew can apply for you.


RaNew Salon is located at 580 Thames Street, Newport, RI
(401) 619-4848,

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Five Fabulous Best Beauty Practices

masks-568x379Happy New Year!

How overdone are the headlines screaming “New year, new you!”?? But why do you have to be “new?” Why not, instead, simply be your best self, inside and out?

I checked in with Sara Schieff-Ross, founder of Archbeauty Skin Care Salon & Boutique in Newport for her advice on five doable goals to make you look and feel your best in 2015.

1. Mask it!
GM Collin Stem Cell Mask: This mask gives you the most bang for you buck with three different ways to use this product all with gorgeous results!

2. Wash your face before 💤
Archbeauty stocks an easy to use cleansing water that breaks up make up and dirt for those late woman applying eyeliner on eyelid with pensilnights when you barely have energy to wash your face. This product is your go-to if you’re in a pinch for time.

3. New look for make up
With all ages, style changes and gets better with time. Spiff up your make up routine and learn a few tricks while you’re at it with a make up lesson.

4. Beautiful Brows
A new brow shaping/tinting can do wonders for your face. Archbeauty has a collection for your at-home maintenance in between visits.

5. La la lips!!
It’s all about color this winter! Lipstick Queen has something for every skin tone. Stop by the make-up Lipsbar and have one of our color experts find your 2015 go to color.

Archbeauty is located at 18 Memorial Boulevard West, Newport. (401) 619-5885,

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