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Stars in our Backyard: Handbag Couturier Marcela Calvet

Capucine“I was born in the beautiful and stylish city of Buenos Aires, but because I had the great fortune of having traveled since childhood, I consider myself a citizen of the world,” says renowned designer Marcela Calvet. “I spend most of the year here in Newport, a city that I find so charming for so many reasons.” The designer’s eponymously named handbag label is well-established in the luxury goods coterie, sold exclusively at her Newport showroom, her Buenos Aires atelier and online on her web site.

Calvet is much more concerned about quality than she is quantity. “Our collections are produced in limited-editions for two reasons: 1) to maintain the exclusivity of our  label and designs; and 2) because our  handbags are hand-made,” she explains. ” The latter requires a great level of expert artisanship and precision, making it a time consuming endeavor.”

The designer fashioned her first creation at age nine and hasn’t looked back since. “I do not think one becomes a designer but rather you are born one. Possessing a keen eye for color, texture, a sense of aesthetics and style, are the main attributes of a designer.” But why handbags? Calvet claims where the handbag was once “merely the complement to couture ensemble,” today is the centerpiece. Inspired by beauty found in nature, in a song, a painting, a poem, a child’s smile, in love and in life, Calvet eschews trends and embraces her creative spirit. While the world may know her, Newport County is proud to call Calvet our own.

Bags shown here: above, left: Capucine / at right: Corinne; both from Calvet’s most recent collection entitled Ariege.

View the collection online at or in person by private appointment in her Bellevue Avenue showroom by calling: 401-207-5309.


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Embracing the lifestyle--the look, the flavor, the style--of Newport, Rhode Island!

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