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Long & Lean in 2013


‘Tis the season for resolutions, and just in time, Newport’s first dedicated barre studio, Bellevue Barre, has opened on William Street. A typical barre workout combines dance conditioning, isometrics, interval training and physical therapy practices while using use the principles of yoga and Pilates for an intense, all-body conditioning workout. The method got its name from the ballet barre, which lines half the studio at Bellevue Barre and when used in exercise sequences, makes the user support their entire body weight. The result? Long lean muscles, increased flexibility and core strength, improved balance and inches lost*.

From the team behind Pulse Newport, Bellevue Barre has a variety of classes including Arms & Abs, Booty Barre, Flexibility, COREBarre, Strength and more, plus Barre Boot Camps.  Visit for more information or CLICK HERE for a class schedule.

*Results vary


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Hurts So Good: Pulse’s Boutique Body Workout is Unapologetically Challenging…and Extraordinary

In case you haven’t eyed the calendar of late, we’re T-minus two and a half weeks to Memorial Day weekend, the official kick off to summer; ergo, bathing suit season. And while the mere words strike fear in the hearts of many, there’s people like Jacki Schriber-Lane (seen here, and ps: mother of three), who’s cutting edge Boutique Body workout at Pulse, a private bootcamp and class studio in Newport. Boutique Body was inspired by the method practiced at famed Physique 57 studio in New York City while utilizing ballet-inspired technique and the body-sculpting and strengthening Bar Method. Think: Kelly Ripa (a Physique 57 regular).

“The concept behind Boutique Body is to use your body to get yourself in shape more than using weights, traditional machines and cardio exercises,” says Jacki. “The intensity is amazing and the feeling of becoming narrower and thinner through the hips and thighs through all of the plies, leg raises, ball squeezes and more is unparalleled by other workouts.”

Done barefoot with little to no impact, the workout challenges your body to find more of your own muscle to work because you’re not flinging a weight around or getting too comfortable in your running stride, says Jacki. “Boutique Body forces you to find your muscle contractions in every move.

Jacki’s tips to be on your way to your Second Beach best?


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