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Endless Summer: Shopping & Sales Island Pursuit

photo 4bIf I had my way, I’d pump the brakes on summertime and extend my favorite season by another month or two, but since that isn’t in the cards, it’s best to focus on the spoils of the months ahead: idyllic late summer temperatures, a quieter vibe, and amazing seasonal sales!

I stopped into Island Pursuit over the weekend and seeing awesome TOMS shoes 30% off (including tiny and youth sizes), tons of mens shorts and swimwear on sale including a huge selection of Southern Tide, and womens classic long sleeve and three-quarter sleeve St. James tops made fall’s eminent arrival exciting. I never realized how may unique lines Island Pursuit carries. Sure, there’s well known favorites like Sperry, Vans, Barbara Gerwit, Henri Lloyd, Tommy Bahama and Quiksilver, but there are fresh, emerging lines like: johnnie-o,  bags and totes by Lindsey Tia (see the anchor tote at top!), Kuhl, Tracy Negoshian, Frocket, The Belted Cow, Spartina 449, Bugatchi and more.  I’ll be featuring some of these in the coming weeks, but in the mean time, take a virtual look at what’s in the Newport store (there’s also Island Pursuit shops in Sarasota, FL, Sanibel FL and Chatham MA).

Shopping online?Use coupon code NEWPORTSTYLE for 20% of your entire purchase and don’t forget: free shipping on all orders over $100!

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This post has been sponsored by Island Pursuit. All opinions expressed are independent and my own.

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StyleWeek Providence Presents Jennifer Greeke’s Harpy & Kelly Eident’s I’m Your Present

dress by Harpy

On Thursday night, StyleWeek Providence‘s fifth day of fashion, designer Jennifer Greeke debuted Harpy, a collection of feminine pieces with vintage subtleties (a la Mad Men) punctuated by modern styling. The Gloucester, Mass., native is a Parsons School of Design (BFA) alum with a MFA from NYU’s Tisch Design for Stage and Film was a costume designer in the Big Apple, so it’s no surprise there’s a certain dramatic whimsy to each look. Well-fitted cigarette trousers paired with a tailored button down; wide leg pants with reverse illusion suspenders; a long sleeve, body-hugging, gunmetal gray metallic cocktail mini-dress (decidedly 21st century)…classic style with an unexpected twist. I’m coveting the black full skirt with a fitted waist replete with crinoline as shown on The Rhode Show this morning. PS: Kudos to the details, including cage veils, great make-upplus edgy shoes and accessories that offered a finished, polished look. PPS: I love that Greeke donned an old school pair of checkered Vans for her final bow—classic!

RISD’s own and Providence local Kelly Eident presented her sophomore showing at  StyleWeek of her I’m Your Present collection, which is sold in boutiques all over the world and has been worn by sassy songstress Katy Perry and “Scenequeen” Audrey Kitching. The line was a natural complement to Greeke’s Harpy as it also evoked a vintage flair. For example, capes, ruffles and bows peppered the collection throughout. But arguably the most refreshing element of the collection was that many looks were paired with an equally stunning, bow-tie clad male model. Enough words; enjoy the images from night five.

Photos by Anibal Melo,

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